illustrated faith ♥ and a cute little idea

for the past few months i've been a part of a design team for Illustrated Faith, so fun...
i contribute printable goodies to cut and paste into your journaling bibles
there's a bunch of us girls who design and release new pages at the beginning of each month
here are a few of the downloads that you'll find in the print and pray shop


i was thinking i needed a cute little storage solution for all these pretty little pieces
so i decided to corral them all into a mini 4x4 project life binder

i found these at joanns and the little page protectors too in the project life section ♥

side note - i love project life guys ... did you know there's an app now?! 
yup, you can document your pictures and memories right from your phone 
so your kids don't grow up to be jpeg's.
(bonus:: you can do it while you're in bed perusing the insta or watching netflix 
snuggled up to your hubby who's watching football and playing boom beach
yeah... there's that)

so i put all the cut-outs in each of the mini protectors and organized them by set
but you could stick them in there any which way

project life also has 6x8, 8x8 and 12x12 binders too if you needed more space or had bigger printables to store, or even larger pieces of pretty paper maybe?

i also found this medium sized pencil pouch at michaels 

the mini binder and a few other bible journaling must-haves fit nicely inside
perfect for on the go right?!

take it to church with you or even to craft night ... maybe to the coffee shop
where do you do your bible journaling?

just a little tuesday afternoon inspiration for ya ♥
if you want more bible journaling info, or are in need of some ideas head
you'll be hooked!

much love

happy August ♥ and a new mini printable calendar

July was so good to us ♥
it was full of vacation
camp and lots & lots of ice cream stops!

we got to go out for the day on a friends boat ... and tubing! 
kids love it! me not so much. i'm chicken :)

my older daughter is going to high school this fall. so crazy...
my little is still holding on to being a kid
somedays she's so grown up and i'm sad
but other mornings i walk into her room and find this
her crumpled up messy bed, legos, superhero girls and remenants of Jesus time 
oh my heart ♥

as much as i DON'T like NY in the winter
i really love it the rest of the year
we've had a super dry summer, it usually rains quite a bit here so it's been a nice change of pace

with zuchinnis growing like crazy in the garden and a tennager who likes to bake
the mixer is always on in the kitchen
snickerdoodles were on this day's agenda
i just kinda felt like my cuppa tea needed a cookie.

i just got a new happy planner so i've been cutting out the printable stickers from her shop at night during tv time. it's so relaxing and so much happy to see them all in this little sticker binder!

my husband and i celebrated 17 years at the end of July
17 roses were waiting for me at home
it's his signature thing ... roses :)
marriage is hard. but it's beautiful isn't it?

hope you're having the most wonderful summer ♥
we still have almost 5 weeks left before school starts 
so pool time, hot dog eating and sleeping in is still going strong!

insta June and a free mini calendar ♥

i'm so excited for summer! i think may & june are my favorite months ... it's the anticipation of all the road trips, sleeping in and smores :)
new calendar is here for your planners, bibles, or just to hang on a cute feather garland like i did right here::

may was busy ... lots of work, and house stuff.
and kid stuff

and the flowers! everywhere i turned i was busting out my camera
i just can't get enough of it

the stitching the states full project kit is back in my etsy shop, but only a limited quantity for the summer months. i won't offer it again until the holidays, so if you've been thinking of starting your own map head over here and get yerself one #treatyoself

some of my digital designs are in Illustrated Faith's print and pray shop here you can print these out, then cut & paste into your bibles ... for only a few dollars they're fun to work with ♥

well summer ... it sure is good to see you.
just stay for a really long time please ... just go by really reallllllly slowwwwww.

enjoy ♥

insta-april and a free mini calendar ♥

it's May ♥ one month closer to summer
#summer forever
spent some time at a local greenhouse/nursery
so beautiful ... God is the ultimate Creator ... in awe of His color palette

print one for you and one for a friend ♥

use it in your planner or right in your journaling bible!

pretzel crusted brownies. yum

my youngest is not so young anymore, she's growing up. new glasses and all.

found a little time this month to re-decorate & re-organize some areas in our home
still not done though. are you ever really done? there's always something that needs updating, fixing or purging. it's a never ending process

my youngest outgrew her heffalump room (she still loves her lumpy) 
it was fun having her be old enough to have input, and really help choose what we did with her room

going back to my roots with fabric tape that will be sold again in my etsy shop soon!
just a little sneak peek here :)

my mom taught me to have a tidy, welcoming, comfortable home
she always goes above and beyond when company comes over
even when it's just us kids...

work table happiness

 so happy to help other women dive into the Word and be able to express their God-given creative talents on the pages of their bibles

April was good to us, but i'm looking forward to warmer weather and looking out my studio window at my neighbors beautiful trees bursting with flower blooms ... it's a gorgeous sight ... i'll try to remember to get some pictures for next month's sum up

much love ♥
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